Perhaps you are in a difficult life transition or are feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or alone. Your relationships may be unfulfilling. You may be looking for a specialist in a private, confidential setting. You may find your work life affected. As many of us do, you might feel lost or alone after becoming a partner or parent I am a fully qualified, professional counselor with more than thirteen years of counseling experience working in London and Cambridge.

Counselling is a personal, confidential and rewarding relationship, which has the potential to positively change your life. If you are seeking a counselor and you are ready to engage in a process towards creating a more fulfilling life – please contact me. In my private practice I specialise in, but am not limited to, problems with relationships, substance addictions, family work and breaking self-destructive patterns. I work with individual adults and couples, in clarifying, understanding their problems and sorting out conflicts so they can make better decisions. This can result in peace of mind and harmonious relationships.

I offer an integrative approach to therapy using techniques and interpretations tailored to specific issues and clients. I help clients explore their feelings and life situations , so that they can make better choices and decisions for themselves. These choices will allow them to experience their authentic selves and to move forward with their lives in a productive and fulfilling way.

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