Jackie was an excellent counsellor. I owe much of my progress out of pain and my current emotional stability to her dedicated effort to help me reconnect to my happier self. Jackie listened with patience and total acceptance, and shared some perceptive insights that were not only helpful but also empowering.

- K.Y.

Jackie is a warm and intuitive counsellor, who provided me with a friendly and safe environment to explore some very emotional and challenging issues. She provided me with gentle structure, support and direction – which, with some time and effort, allowed me to come to an understanding of what I really, really want. Something I find very difficult on my own!

- Kate

Our marriage was in trouble.  We wanted to find a way to talk without going round and round in circles with nothing changing.  Seeing Jackie for 12 sessions really helped us through a sticky patch and gave us some understanding and tools to use, which are very effective.  We are definitely happier since we went for couples counselling.

- Fran and David

Jackie provided me with a safe and supportive space to talk about some very painful difficulties.   She was kind, reassuring and listened to me.   I have some relief and freedom from my problems and a new way of thinking about what I want from my life. 

- Gill

Redundancy floored me.  I couldn’t believe how impacted I was when after 27 years in one company, they removed my position overnight.   Seeing Jackie for 3 months helped me.   Together we looked at the process of loss, and the opportunities for moving forward through this very painful time.   I am very grateful for her help, support and genuine understanding.

- Peter W

Jackie helped us see through the difficulties of our situation to what really mattered in our relationship, and gave us a calm, neutral space to explore what we were thinking and feeling. She was a fabulous listener and asked careful questions so we could reflect on the important things in life, and understand more about ourselves and how we could make a start on improving things between us. We are very grateful to Jackie for her help.

- Caroline

I saw Jackie over the course of two years in order to come to terms with addictive sexual behaviour that had begun to negatively affect not just my relationships, but my entire life. The discussions with her were extremely productive and gradually put me in a position to better understand my actions which in turn allowed me to abandon the most destructive aspects of my behaviour. This is never an easy process, but Jackie is a fantastic facilitator: she listens carefully, asks the right questions, and is never judgemental or bossy. I think her greatest skill is to subtly steer the conversation to a point that provides a moment of clarity. It’s from those moments that true change comes. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with relationship problems or addictive behaviour.

- Peter W

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